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Color knowledge and detailed explanation of wooden clothes hanger

2020/02/26 16:50

Good wood hangers color knowledge and explain, in some large industrial plants, often see some paint wooden racks placed a series of models were a riotous with colour strong taste, but what kind of color is consistent with the modern seeing is high-grade and durable?

Oily and transparent series for solvent based general color paste, excellent solubility, and most of the resin system miscible. Oily series is solid color, organic / inorganic pigment paste, oily transparent series for transparent color paste, widely used in oil construction paint, furniture paint, automobile paint, metal flash paint.

1, oily color paste

Commonly known as the furniture paint oil paste paste, can be used for PU or NC light, matte color paint, color primer and other products.

Product characteristics:

Bright colors, pure, strong hiding power, good weather resistance, light protection and color retention. Mainly used in opaque, colored primer, colored paint, such as solid paint, translucent primer or paint, sealing edge, colored primer color mixing, etc.. When in use, the paint paste is directly added in the paint needing toning, and the mixture is mixed to the required color and dispersed to the fineness. When toning, take care from shallow to deep, add gradually, and mix evenly. The amount of paste more zhegaili more strong, consumption is generally not more than 30%. Before use, the paste must be fully stirred evenly, after opening the pot, pay attention to sealing preservation.

2. Water color paste

Water color paste is usually a water dispersible colorant for pigment, which is processed by special surface treatment and advanced technology. It has non-toxic, environmental protection, no organic solvents and so on. Apply to latex, paint, paper, wood and other products coloring. It can also be used as printing paste for dyeing cotton, polyester cotton and blended fabric.

Product characteristics:

1, bright color, easy to disperse and good color identity, can effectively solve the chromatic aberration of wood;

2 、 good alkali resistance, stable in alkaline medium (PH10-12);

3, non-toxic, tasteless, pure environmental protection, without organic solvents, completely replace the traditional oily products;

4, to solve the phenomenon of wood products through the end of coarse brown eyes;

5, the color of the ever-changing, to solve the problem of wood color monotonous;

6, increase the wood oil sexy, smooth feeling, delicate sense, make the material more outstanding;

7, color sense of reality, no fading, can penetrate the wood fiber inside and combine, so it can better retain the natural lines of wood;

8, chromatography complete: stain can be made between any proportion of color, the deployment of tens of thousands of colors.